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Jackson County to vote on liquor licenses for bed and breakfasts

Murphysboro, Illinois – The Jackson County board could allow bed and breakfasts throughout the county to provide alcohol to registered guests and their invitees.

According to Jackson County Board Chairman John Rendleman, until recently state law prohibited bed and breakfasts from obtaining liquor licenses, and such language was also written into the county ordinance when it was adopted.

The law has since change, and those organizations can sell alcohol if they choose.

Rendleman said due to the change, he has been contacted by businesses that would likely be able to offer alcohol as part of their experiences, such as dinner with paired wines or a champagne breakfast.

In order to do, the county had to create a new liquor license classification.

On Wednesday, the county’s legislative and public safety committee, a sub-committee of the Jackson County Board, discussed recommending approval of a Class L liquor license.

The license would authorize the retail sale of alcohol on the premises of any bed and breakfast for consumption only on the licensed premises.

The sale of alcohol is only authorized from 8 a/m. to noon, and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., the license reads: Alcohol sales are limited to registered guests and their invitees, provided the number of guests and invitees does not exceed 10 persons at one time, or exceed the maximum daily capacity of the establishment.

Rendleman said the county’s liquor advisory board recommended the classification of the license.

“You don’t want to take anything away from the business, but you don’t want to turn it into a tavern,” he said.

Board member Steven Bost said when people stay at bed and breakfasts, the perception is hat they like to buy things and have guests.

“I think it is a fairly reasonable compromise,” he said. “If we hear differently, the county has the ability to come back and make changes.”

The ordinance has a $350 fee for establishments that wish to sell alcohol.