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Why choose a bed and breakfast

Staying a day or two at a bed and breakfast is a very good choice of lodging when you need a relaxing escape. You can find B&Bs almost anywhere you go, and they provide much better value than hotels. From personalized attention to delicious food, there are any reasons to choose a bed and breakfast over a hotel.

When you stay at a hotel, you generally pay way more than you actually get. You usually get a small room with almost no amenities. If you are lucky, you might get free parking or a breakfast that is usually lacking a bit. Most of the times these items cost extra, and you have pay for other amenities such as Internet.

When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you get a comfortable room in addition to many extras. The large majority of B&Bs now offer Wi-Fi, secure parking and other amenities as well. One of the best perks a bed and breakfast has, is of course the free breakfast, which offers more than a normal hotel. Some inns even offer discounts on local attractions and events.

Unique rooms

Each of the rooms in a bed and breakfast normally has character. They are individually decorated with their own feel. Some B&Bs pride themselves in how each room is different, and some even have rooms with different themes. Most inns let you book your exact room of choice rather than selecting a room type as you would with a hotel. Some inns also offer unique experiences such as horseback riding or farm life.

Rich History

Many B&Bs boast a very intriguing or unique history; you will be surprised to learn how many of them are actually restored buildings that are hundreds of years old. You will normally find loads of authentic buildings such as plantation buildings, old railroad stations or even former senator’s houses. Most B&Bs have rich history and stories, so be sure to ask your innkeeper if you are interested.

Personal Attention

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and you couldn’t reach the staff? That does not happen when you stay at a bed and breakfast. Innkeepers generally go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable, and they are always available to help you when you need it. B&Bs are nearly always smaller than hotels, allowing each guest to get more personal attention and assistance. Whether you have questions about the area or you just have questions about the building, don’t be too shy to ask. Innkeepers serves as great local experts and love to give you insight on what you can experience in their local area.


B&Bs go out of their way to make their guests feel comfortable. You will find lots of little extras when you stay at a bed and breakfast. Some have a wine and cheese hour, other have free books or DVDs and many more. Each bed and breakfast will be different and of course, offer different amenities.