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Common places to stay overnight

Finding a good place to stay overnight or perhaps for the whole duration of your vacation is a really important part of your trip, and it can have a huge impact on your budget if you overspend. There are many reasons why we choose a certain place to stay; be it price, security, location, amenities, ease of booking, type of accommodation, etc. One of the best ways to cut your trip expenses is by choosing the right place that fits your needs as the lowest possible cost.

Here a few examples which you may want to read up on.


This is one of the most commonly know type of accommodation. While it is known to be expensive, some cities or towns might have cheap hotels that are quite inexpensive. When you are looking for a hotel, it is important to use and compare different search engines and agencies. You might find that the same hotel might have a different price on another search engine or some travel agencies offer special prices.

Even though hotels tend to be above the average backpacker’s budget, it is still possible to find a decent one that won’t eat away at your spending money. Be careful when you find a cheap one because they might be far from the city center or a bit run-down.


If you are planning to stay for a considerable amount of time, you might find some houses or apartments for rent. This can be a great option as you pay for each day and it offers a decent amount of space. Some owners refer to them as “self-catering accommodation” or “holiday rentals”.

Timeshare Rentals,/h2>
These properties are usually available by the week at luxury resorts, but don’t let the resort part fool you. It can be a cost effective option if you are traveling in a group. Timeshare units are more like hotel suites, but the bedroom is separated from the living room by a door. They usually have full kitchens that include all the necessities, which can save you money by not eating out all the time.

Bed & Breakfast

B&Bs are normally cheaper than hotels and they are a good option for couples and families. Compared to hostels, they are a bit more expensive and they offer more privacy. Most people prefer B&Bs because they feel “warm and cozy”.